True online uninterruptible power supply apc surt10000xlt with internal electronic bypass. In case of overload ups will go to bypass without any interruption and will come back when overload finishes. In case of power outage ups will swith to battery power again there will not be any interruption. This is trully amazing state of the art ups product. On amazon we already got a few of them thats why we get the lowest price, with big discount code

Output can be configured from 208V to 240V. You can buy here also extrended autonomy (extra battery cabinets) if you need more backup time. With standard backup you get for example 6 minutes of autonomy at 87% load (7000W). For those less experience keep in mind 10000VA is equal to 8000W at this unit. So 75% load is 7500VA or 6000W (autonomy time at 6000W usage with standard battery is around 8 minutes.

APC SURT10000XLT 4-Outlet/Hardline Smart Uninterruptible Power Supply (10,000VA, NEMA L6-20R L6-30R)


  • Tower-form uninterruptible powerfulness reservoir (machine to 6U rackmount)
  • 8000-Watt, 10000VA crop capability
  • 2 NEMA L6-20R outlets and 2 NEMA L6-30R outlets, with 1 hardwire (2PH + G) connection
  • 14.9 Min accretion clip at one-half-load, 4.8 Min at full-of-the-moon burden
  • LED status show with loading and artillery taproom graph

APC sets the standard in its manufacture for quality, invention and support. Its comprehensive solutions, which are designed for both internal and corporate environments, improve the manageability, handiness and performance of spiritualist electronic, network, communications and industrial equipment of all size. The NGO of APC is to create delighted customers by improving the manageability, availableness, and bit of info and communication systems through rapid progress and delive


List Price: $ 7,204.82
Our Price: $3,999.99

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