Broken Samsung 226BW LCD monitor – repair tip info.

I turned the machine on 1 tomorrow and my surface was flash form a stroboscope ray. I knew thing was majorly wrongfulness. Knowing that it could be several different thing, my former guess was the powerfulness reservoir. So I took it apart and to my uncovering it was the powerfulness reservoir capacitor. I replaced the condenser and this fixed this the quodlibet. With transportation and manipulation, the totality fixture expense was dollar. I bought supernumerary capacitance just in case this happens again. I also have an individual WHO has the Lapplander display and mightiness demand a fixture in the futurity as excavation. If you are not technically inclined sufficiency to reparation your own electronic apparatus, Please brush me and we tin arrange fix in the United States for a reasonable terms. ——– 25v 330uf – 25v 820uf

Samsung SyncMaster 226BW 22-inch LCD Monitor

  • 22-inch widescreen monitor offers a 160-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angle
  • Samsung MagicColor and 16.7 million colors deliver a clearer, brighter image
  • 3000:1 contrast ratio and 0.282-millimeter pixel pitch produce crisp, easy-to-view images
  • Samsung MagicBright3 and MagicTune functions create an optimum viewing environment
  • Dual interface (analog/digital) design also includes D-Sub 15-pin and DVI-D connections

Imagine having elbow room on screen. Thats exactly what you get with the Samsung BW series of widescreen LCD monitors. Wide 16:10 aspect ratios let you multitask, with room for more than one application at a time. The extra room also makes working with graphics programs and multiple tool palletes easier. An ultra-fast 2 ms (G to G) response time is perfect for motion graphics editing. And exclusive MagicBright 3, MagicColor and MagicTune technologies give you complete control over outstanding co




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