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Modular power supply less money more effective

Modular power supply is the best solution if you want to get rid of those unwanted wires coming out of your power supply (example 850w or 600w power supply). By using it you can use your power supply more systematically and only use the wires you need. In a modular power supply there are a […]

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Tips on Xbox power supply

As the human as evolved from playing video games to play stations there is a new thing that is running in the minds of the younger generations and that is the Xbox. Xbox is the most liked and globally appreciated mode of playing games with each other with superb animations and technology. It gives you […]

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UPS a decent choice for Computer power supply during power failure

Computer has now become a part in every individual’s life. Many people are totally dependent on computer to carry out their day to day work. So to give more efficiency to people who make use of computer on daily basis the computer experts come up with the new and better technologies every single day. As […]

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Power supply The Wonder Device

Power supply, an apparatus that can provide current to different loads, is of various types, designed to suit the specific needs of different electrical gadgets. A DC (Direct current) power supply obtains energy from the main current source, which supplies AC (Alternating current) current and with the help of the rectifier and transformer present in […]

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Power supply

Power supply: The Force within In this era of technological advancement, at any instant of time, wherever we might be, we are surrounded by a variety of electrical gadgets, designed to suit our daily needs. Apparently the only similarity between us humans and these electric gadgets is that both need energy to function. Humans have […]

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