In today’s world where technological advancement is competing with a global power shortage,
Uninterruptible Power supply has assumed an indispensable role in the world of telecommunication
and databases. In the industrial scenario, in order to power multiple computers and to increase
the redundancy, many small UPS s are used in combination.

Each of these UPSs also has their own power supply, which ensures uninterrupted operation
of the computer, by providing protection against both UPS failure and input voltage failure.
Industrial Uninterruptible power supplies are special UPS s designed to handle the heavy industrial
work and provide an alternative to using multiple UPSs. The industrial Uninterruptible power
supplies possessing a pure sine wave output along with intelligent battery management system have
a high power capacity, thus perfectly suiting the needs of the industry. The line interactive Industrial
UPSs posses capable of serial communication and also is not totally dependent on their comparatively
short-lived batteries for providing power to a device. The more advanced models of industrial UPS s
also possess additional attributes like Elevated temperature performance, comprehensive network
management and remote monitoring. Complete with a rugged industrial look, the modern day
Industrial UPSs are usually double conversion/online type UPSs, which have an extended run time along with swappable

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